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COL is where we want to be, for now and all eternity…

It’s often hard to convey what it means to be in a cult.  I get the question from people asking what our cult was “about”, or what we did… When you say martial arts and computers, it sounds relatively benign.  But what lay beneath is significant. It amounts to essentially slave labor when you pay someone $2000 a month, but then charge them for living in your house, martial art fees, black belt clubs, etc… You have a few bucks left at the end of the month, if not debt.

We sang songs praising Kim, were subjected to sleep deprivation, forced fasting… Maybe not forced, but if you were the only one not doing it, even as a kid, it was frowned upon.  All this and all we asked for in return was to learn to become one of Kim’s 12 disciples. It was a minimal existence at that. Though if you thought that the next messiah was in front of you, wouldn’t you do the same?

A Pastel of Tae Yun Kim

1996 Pastel I created for Tae Yun Kim

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