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Update August 2015

Well I hit some mental roadblocks with my writing, so I am not heading towards the fundraiser just yet.

In the meantime I noticed a couple of things.  Wikipedia needs some help.  Someone needs to put accurate citable info on Tae Yun Kim’s page.  I did my best being objective, but the page needs some work.

Lighthouse has now found it’s way in between the Tesla factory, and the new facility Tesla Motors they picked up from Seagate, the former Solyndra facility. This will be a hot bed of recruiting for the group.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out… The hot market that Fremont was in the 90’s for up and coming people with money is back…

I would never want to see more people hurt mentally or fiscally like former members have.

One of many lawsuits…

Way back when in 1995 Kim was sued by an Image of lawsuit opening blockex-student. Summarizing briefly a former student sued Tae Yun Kim, COL, Jung SuWon and Lighthouse  for fraud and essentially taking a 1.2 million dollar inheritance. In it the plaintiff claims Kim arranged name changes, purchased homes with the monies, and charged her for working for her… about $800 a month to work at lighthouse for career training.

Read on!

Link to 1995 lawsuit

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