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Summer 1995

In the Summer of 1995, I still lived at home with my mother.  I had become great friends with Patrick.  We were invited to pretty much every COL event that wasn’t a negative one.  This means all exciting stuff.  Pool BBQ’s at Kim’s house, checking out new mansions with Kim’s crew. At one of the places Patrick and I found a frog near a pond on the property. Now we had a shared pet.  He came over and spent the night at our place 1-2 times a week all summer.

Mid July at a Korean restaurant in Sunnyvale something big happened.  We were invited to join COL.  We had a discussion about, and I was all to elated to be moving in with the brother I always wanted.

No one comes out and says “Hey do you want to join a cult?”  It unfortunately just doesn’t happen. Cult members are great at faking happy.  Making it seem like everything is good.  Because they are happy, but its just a facade.  Down deep there is unhappiness that manifests itself in different ways. However, somewhere deep inside me, I had a bad feeling.  Patrick warned me about how hard it was, on the way to a San Jose SaberCats game with another member, Joe.  Joe unfortunately overheard this, and subsequently reported it to Kim.

My first real censuring, was being brought into Kim’s office at Jung SuWon with Patrick.  There both Patrick and I were confronted  about situation where Patrick briefly warned me.  This was my first warning… Everyone was a rat, and not really happy.

I wish I could remember what Patrick said to me.

In August 1995 we moved in.

I am going to try and build in the framework of my time, and then dive in to certain events, as they come to me. I was in the cult until 1999, however my mother was until 2003.  This blog will cover my time on the outside trying to recover my mother from the group as well.

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