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In 2006 a very senior member of COL left disgruntled, primarily because he had been involved in an alleged physical relationship with tae yun kim.

That person (also allegedly) created a site to whet the pallate of Kim and her attorneys as to what other evidence he had, that Kim may not want getting out. The site called published some revealing stories and data, including one in which male COL members were challenged to remove their genetalia due to and I quote “Your cock is getting in the way of you and your training”… as it turned out it was purely a conditioning technique. However the site had a nice opening statement that I would like to share:


In every man’s or woman’s search for the answer to the universal question of “why am I are here and what is my purpose”, a surprising number of people find their way to one person, a teacher, a guide, a master who seems to know the answers and is willing to provide them in exchange for their fealty and commitment to a cause that they come to believe in.

Facing the truth that you are a part of a cult is probably one of the most difficult realizations a person has to go through. The narrow-minded perception that one must be ignorant, weak-willed or socially inept to be a victim of a cult coupled with societies disdain for its victims makes the acceptance of the truth even more difficult.

This website is dedicated to revealing the truth about how one woman’s web of lies and deceit left a trail of ruined lives and broken dreams. It is dedicated to bringing to light the tales of pain and heartache, struggle, realization and hope that is the lives of ex-cult members as they pieced together what was left behind. Freedom, justice and peace are our bywords. If only one heart is touched, one life is changed, one person is free as a result of our quest, we will consider ourselves successful.

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