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The knot: I was here, where were you? File under: creepy

One of the stranger things that happened to me was this.  I was dead asleep.  I wake up with a bracelet.  As does half of COL.  Kim went sneaking around in our rooms while we slept.  Mind you, we didn’t live in the same house as her.  Apparently, even though I had my seventh grade classes to attend to the next day, I was supposed to wake up and be aware.

So a good portion of COL didn’t wake up, which we had a COL “Class” about.

This gets into definitions.  COL Class essentially means that we sat in the racket ball court in Kim’s home, which acted as a meeting room, usually eating dinner with our other COL members. We would then start chants.  These were a variety of conditioning songs.  One called “Jung Shing tong il”, what it meant is beyond me at this point in my memory.  Another one was famously featured in the Inside Edition videos, this was called the COL Song.  We’ll get to that later. So after singing for usually 20-45 minutes (usually the shorter we waited usually the more trouble we were in) the “instructors”(Kim’s most senior instructors from Jung SuWon, that live in her home) would show up.  

This class was relatively lighthearted.  However, we left with the lesson that perhaps we should sleep lighter and increase our “awareness”.  Many of us who were given bracelets wore them almost like badges of pride for a while. I kept mine… Kinda weird looking back on it.  In order to see this picture you’re going to have to click it.
"I was here, where were you?" letter dated 10/5/95

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