I am a former member of Jung SuWon, and COL, from 1995 to 1999.  My mother was still a member until 2003.  She also worked for Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

Tae Yun Kim is the owner and operator of Jung SuWon, and the CEO of Lighthouse.  Back then Jung SuWon was a recruiting grounds for the COL cult, and Lighthouse.  Then called Lighthouse Associates.  Kim is currently in Fremont, California, and Medford, Oregon. Previously she had places in New Mexico, Vermont, as well as several Northern California cities: Milpitas and San Jose.


  1. Hello Jacob, We were communicating for a little while in 2011-2012. It has been several years since I followed any of the Tae Yun Kim posts. I was in ATC back in the Vermont days. Total time in (before it got too weird for me) 5 years. Hope you are well.

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