Monthly Archives: October 2015

Old Friends

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a CURRENT senior member of COL at a car wash in Fremont.  It was interesting… I saw her, and addressed her.. initially I wondered if she’d even acknowledge I existed.. but I think in the end she realized what I did, that we were both captive, citing for our vehicles to be cleaned.

We talked her children for a couple of minutes, both who I am close with, but at some point she asked “are you open for discussion?”

“Of course” I replied.. at that point we spent about a half of an hour where she talked about how this blog as well as the bullshido posts have personally affected her.  Unfortunately I don’t give that statement a lot of weight.. She blamed her deteriorated relationship on the posts I have made… I was nice enough to not explain that the posts about the truth of my experiences have nothing to do with her relationships. But I digress; She asked me to stop posting about Kim and to not publish my book.  She is an old friend, and was much of a motherly part of my childhood.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, I believe this blog and the bullshido thread have served their purpose. Save some crazy news I will likely be putting this blog to rest for a bit… only to keep good on my word.


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