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Sleep deprived

There is very few times I can think of where the “traditional” cult brain washing techniques were actually employed.  What I now realize is that it did not take a high frequency of application in order to “brain wash” us.

I was probably 13, so this must have been 1996.  That would be my second year in COL.

We had a long “COL class” the night before…  Meaning a yelling at us session.  We were told the next morning there would be special training.  As I recall we collectively “did something wrong” It was probably sexual.. I don’t remember… i was too young to care, or for it to matter.

Anyway.. we were up to probably 3-5am… and then 2 hours later, at 7 instructors showed up at our house.. told us to get dressed and bring our Tae Kwon Do uniform to the academy, Jung SuWon.  So I get my ass up, tired beyond belief and ride with someone down to JSW.  We all get in our uniform, line up, and suddenly its like sparring time?  Are you kidding me?  It’s 7am…  I have no sleep….  and I’m supposed to take kicks from some asshole twice my size… I don’t think so… So I play hooky along with one of the other “young warriors” and I go sleep in the bathroom/lock room at the academy.. That didn’t work this time.  Scott Salton comes in there raging pissed.  So we get up and head in..and suddenly we’re doing my biggest fear: climbing the rope..  I don’t know why.. I had no fear of getting my ass kicked by a 40 year old, but that climbing rope was the bane of my existence.  It was my nemesis.  I am positive it was no coincidence that I was caught sleeping and suddenly I have to climb this thing.

So ya… I don’t understand this well enough to make a judgement on it, but I do know that this was part of some sort of brain washing…


I’ve been busy as heck!  It isn’t as though I have forgot about this, or it has become any less important.  I will try my best to make new postings in a timely fashion. as you can see, someone posted a comment claiming to be Kim’s cousin.  Seems legit.. But hey, that’s new and interesting? ya?

I was driving down 880 the other day and spotted Kim’s new Lighthouse building that was recently purchased (according to Bullshido reports) and it kinda nudged on me to write.  It’s hard after so many years… I go WEEKS without thinking about this woman… I am mostly beyond the whole situation.  Sometimes all it takes is a quick reminder like seeing that new building.  So here I am on one of my busiest work days ever typing about the lady

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