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In February 2003 I started communicating with my family about the cult for the first time.  At this point in my leaving, I still called her grandmaster, reading how many times I say it is very obnoxious, so I apologize ahead of time.

The email to my grandma starts abruptly, as it was a follow up from a prior phone conversation. This is the first time I ever spoke to anyone in my family besides my mother or wife about the Tae Yun Kim’s group.

This is part 1 of 3 of some “getting my mom out” emails.

Also, just wanted to brief you and grandpa on why my
mom moved out and everything.  She had been in
miserable in Grandmaster’s cult (COL for short) since
about june 2001.  In June 2002, she started sharing
this with me that she desperately wanted to leave and
it was a bad situation and she didn’t know what to do.
I was seeing a counselor through work at the time too
who I talked with this about, she even gave me numbers
of sspecialists in the field of families and cults.
Even one night in July when Shannin and I stopped by
to see her, my mom left and took us out so she could
talk to us for a few.  Well during those first few
minutes Grandmaster called her, asked if I was there,
asked her to stop the car and step out so she could
talk to my mom (on the phone).  My mom was out of the
car for over an hour, crying because of the things,
which I am not sure to this day, what she said to my
mom.  My distrus for Ms. Kim became a near hate at
this point. Well finally my mom got the balls in
November to finally call it quits.  When I was staying
in san jose for training she cam by a lot of nights
and we went on the interent together and tried to find
her a job and what not.  She was very excited and
scared.  It was difficult.  I can’t imagine starting
my life over at 19 let alone 44, but it was a good
decision.  It is a very rough atmosphere in COL, with
lots of discouragment, sleep deprevation and what not.
You feel like unless you have grandmasters blessing
you wont be able to live.  It wasn’t until recently I
was really able to get out there and talk about my
Anyway back on track.  Ms. Kim had a “special program”
with my mom for 2 days before she left to come here,
and a special dinner with her COL boyfriend 4 days
before.  Special program means sleep deprivation in
COL terms.  And all the suddenly when my mom moved in
with me she brought her boyfriend to help her.  I was
shocked, and so was shannin.  My mom told me on her
first night that grand master had made her realize the
only reason that she was leaving was that she had
unresolved issues with me and still thinks im 10,
which she didn’t have until that day, so for the 3
weeks she treated me like a 10 year old, and we didn’t
get along, and she had no ambition to even work
because she knew her job was waiting for her when she
got back.  And she couldn’t wait to get back.

This made me sad, all that work for nothing.  And last
night I told her how I felt again, very supportively
and she emailed me that she cried so much.  She knew
what my oppinions are but she gets so brainwashed all
she can think about is who she met this week who is
SOOO famous and how nice they are and how popular
Grandmaster is.

I just wanted to share with you some of the things
that have happened.  It makes me said, my mom is sooo
brainwashed, i don’t even know her anymore.

i love you guys and hope that someday my mom can get
out on her own.

Please keep these things confidential from her for
now.  The way grandmaster is, my mom will think I am
conspiring against Grandmaster.  She thinks Stan Durst
did that, when he was just trying to help his kid get


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