Sex education with Tae Yun Kim

Semen, i didn’t know it had a name until Summer 1997 at Stanford University.

Tae Yun Kim spoke as part of a lecture series with a few other teachers about love. I was one of only a couple of students who were with her. I ended up there because in the Summer of 1997 I was working San Francisco for Kim’s Pacific Exchange Options market making operation, Young Sa Trading. Scott and I headed over to Stanford. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. We were basically just there as a contingent to stand up and cheer when she was done speaking in the lecture hall.

Tae Yun is a good speaker. Despite her thick accent, she engages you, and you leave with an action plan. Just like they teach you in ToastMasters.

What was weird happened after. Kim got really into one of the speakers. A Doctor of psychology and sex as I recall. She invited him to dinner, where we all attended. They went back and forth talking about sex the whole time. Until something that will haunt me until my final days. Kim explained that she believes to the have the secret of skin care. “Look at my face” she said. “No wrinkle, tight”… She explained that she believed the secret to be “Semen on the face”…  Ya.. so 14 year old me, sitting 2 chairs away from Kim is literally sitting in the middle of this conversation about rubbing cum all over ones face for good skin….

She also went on to explain the details of how she christened one her senior students sexually relationships, and the details of that. Including doing it in her office in Jung SuWon.

I can’t believe some of the crap I went through while around her. There was only about 4 or 5 of us COL members in attendance. One was the man who basically got us involved in COL. (mom’s ex’s brother) He would later joke with me and his wife that he was too old to produce, and joked that I should lend him some. Thought it was funny at the time. Pretty sick now, all things considered.


In an instance that happened within that same period of time, I had a friend with the nickname “ass face”… She was a girl, who was outspoken.. it was a jokey name. One day when getting off the phone with her I said “see you later ass face” or something to that affect. A COL member overheard me, and you could tell made a mental note of it. Within the next few days we were at COL1, Kim’s house before stargazer. I was just doing my own thing.. Nothing going on when suddenly Kim says “Do you like sodomy?” I realize she’s looking at me. I’m 14…  I don’t know this word?? What is sodomy? I told her, “isn’t that like embezzlement?” I didn’t know!  She explains it as being “sex in the butt”… Hmmm No can’t say that I have an opinion on that at age 14?

So apparently the student who heard me speak to “ass face” then decided to journal this… Which apparently meant I needed an anal sex intervention…  AT AGE 14!

Kim explained how dirty anal sex is, bad energy, and that we shouldn’t be friends anymore.  Despite that, ass face and I are still friends today 🙂


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