He can do, she can… continued

It took so many attempts to get her out of there, here is part two of the fiasco. My comments will again be in Italics.

Read the He Can Do first read first

September 2002-January 2003

Near Aug/Sept 02 TYK moved me into Stargazer for several weeks, I’m sure it was her attempt to keep me closer and have more control over me and further re-condition me after my almost leaving. She called it a “Special Program”, where she spent more one-on-one time (private classes) with me talking and preparing me for how my son and daughter-in-law would hate me and that my son had the potential to become enraged and kill me. She saw this in her visions and was very “fearful” for me. I lived there from late August through Early October. A few days before Thanksgiving, her patters continued, nothing really did change and I told her that this time, I really did have to leave. Finally she allowed me to leave, with the precondition that I would go only to help them out on a short term basis and that I would return to my same position at CDS and training with her. I asked her for 6 months to help them prepare for the baby and help them find a home they could afford as the one they were in was in very poor living condition and they were having legal issues with the landlord. I told her I was concerned for their safety and needed to leave so that I could help them. TYK said that because of energy I had to return within 3 months. I had told my son, that I was leaving for good, but secretly had made this promise to her that I’d return. Emotionally I believed I was leaving for good, but through out October and November she spent days and nights keeping me up through out the night, having to return to work in the morning, preparing for everything that my son and daughter-in-law would do to me. She told me that she could tell by the photo she saw of my daughter-in-law that she was evil and that the child she was carrying (my grandson) was of the same evil energy and designed by Satan to pull me away from my purpose. Day after day, I waited for her to give me permission to leave, as she kept saying that the date wasn’t good and that I couldn’t only leave when the timing was right. She gave me a large COL sendoff party in SG, prepared gifts of clothes and jewelry, gave me a check of approximately $2300 which was for back pay that they hadn’t given me during a period of time I wasn’t paid, but she told me it was a bonus and gift for my mission and journey. She also had HC prepare a booklet of goodbye letters from everyone, so that I could stay connected and know how important I was to everyone.

Prior to this in early November my mom completely came out to me that she was ready to leave. We met and she used my computer to start looking for jobs, houses etc. At some point after this my mother mother probably felt guilty about these things and framed it to Kim that she needed to help us. We were dong just fine, we wanted her out. I believe that my mother had to justify it in her mind that she was helping us, as thats what she was conditioned to do, and that is how it was communicated to Kim. Thus my mom came from a point a weakness when approaching this with Tae Yun Kim.

Because she was so concerned for my safety, she begged me to stay connected by journaling to her every day and phoning in. If she wasn’t available I was still supposed to report into two instructors. She sent an instructor with me with his SUV full of my clothes and few belongings to their house. He then invited himself to spend the day with the three of us, finding a new apartment in the area. He drove us around all day until we found that two he gave his stamp of approval on (he privately told me that he felt those were the two the TYK would have energy approved). He went back to SG.

Energy approved, lol… More like these were the most expensive ones he felt like signing us up to pay the rent on.

I was incensed from the moment she showed up. F-ing Mark Amador, asshole of the earth shows up at my house with my mother. FUCK THAT! She canceled on us numerous times then shows up with this douche bag? Why did she have an escort? WTF happened to all of this work I did, helping her get out?  Why was he here?

What this meant when he showed up escorting my mom, I knew that this was a non starter. My mom had clearly left on Kim’s terms. Not her own!

10 days before Christmas I was having arguments with my son, as he started to realize that TYK and the instructor were contacting me through text messages and e-mail and I was also returning calls and e-mails. He was very disappointed in me and as the yelling matches escalated I started to believe everything that TYK had planted in my mind. After one of these yelling matches, I called TYK and told her I had to come back and that maybe she was right (I had only been gone 3 weeks). She told me that the instructor would come and help me move out. He arrived when neither my son nor daughter-in-law were home and moved my few belongings into his SUV. As we drove away from the apartment, he continued to contact TYK and took me to a nearby shopping mall to drop off my car. He asked me to hide my carsamidst the other parked cars and that the energy wasn’t right to return according to TYK, so we proceeded to spend the rest of the day having breakfast, lunch and dinner at restaurants in a date-like atmosphere as he held my hand through out the day, driving in his car. We drove from the length of the Central coast, stopping at beaches, walking in the thundering storm and rain; it had been the worst storm we had seen yet in the season. We stopped on a cliff and became completely drenched as he walked me through muddy fields to the very windy edge of a 100 ft. bluff overlooking the dangerous, pounding waves below; ignoring all weather advisories of staying away from cliffs due to the nature of the waves. It was almost as if he was trying to purposefully scare me and completely drain me. I had recently come down with a bronchitis type of illness and by the end of the day of getting completely soaked I was completely sick and drained.

After sunset, he finally got approval from TYK to drive back to her home. I was greeted at the women’s COL home by TYK and all of COL. She went through a blessing and informal welcoming ceremony. She then asked everyone, one by one, to tell me how they felt to see me back and discuss how I looked. I heard everything from my energy looked very bad, I looked old, I looked like my daughter-in-law, I had obviously disconnected and more. When in actuality I was very sick, soaking wet, completely drained and very stressed by all of the events. Before I had left my son’s home, I had made Christmas cookies with my daughter-in-law per her request to do that together. I brought some back with me for the COL group. TYK immediately instructed someone to throw them all away.

Apparently looking like my wife, who was 21, made her look old. I also told her that they would make her throw them away!

Then COL was dismissed and she escorted me to my own private room in the home where I had no room mate for the first time ever. They had redecorated it in BRIGHT oranges, purples, yellows and blues. The room also had a water fountain running, TYK music playing and photos of TYK all over the wall. Then GM instructed me that I wasn’t to leave this room, other than to go to the bathroom or get water to drink and that I was to talk to no one (Silent Program). I wasn’t to answer my cell phone and have no communication with anyone except for TYK. I could call TYK at anytime and SAK and EAS would come each day and video and photograph my process. I was not allowed to see a doctor the entire time for my bronchitis/pneumonia. After several days, EAS did bring me some OTC cough medicine, but nothing else. I was told to do 100 rebirths every day and night, read her Silent Master book and the Bible and write down my thoughts. Journal every day through out the day and write about the whole experience. If I needed anything else, I was supposed to page EAS with a special code on her pager. Broth and later soup was delivered to me every day and that is all I was suppose to eat except for water.

My phone continued to ring every day and v/mails were left, but I wasn’t allowed to retrieve them and I knew that my son and parents were trying to reach me by the Phone IDs that I could see. After about a week, I begged TYK to allow me to call both my parents and son to arrange Christmas Eve plans with them and just let them know that I was ok. She told me that she didn’t want me to go over there for Christmas, that it wouldn’t be good for me. But finally she allowed me to call them and make arrangements to go over my parent’s home for Christmas Eve and call my son to assure him I was ok. She gave me very explicit instructions of what I couldn’t do when I went there. I could only stay a few hours. I couldn’t hug anyone or eat anything. I explained my behavior to my family, telling them that I had been very sick and that I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. It was very unlike me to be physically distant with them.

It sure wasn’t me calling her everyday; I think I called her once; My wife and I were incensed. She put us through a lot of stress, especially my wife who was in her last weeks over a very rough pregnancy. We felt betrayed that she had been communicating with Kim, and had moved out with us on terms with Kim; As she put it with me one night, she was only there “on a special program”. I felt betrayed because of how much I cared for her, and how much time I had invested with her in “Just leaving”.  We just wanted her to get out of COL.  I advised her it wasn’t a good idea to communicate with Kim.  My mother even agreed that she didn’t owe Kim anything.

At Christmas, I told my mother not to bother coming back to move in with us when she became right of mind, I told her she was going to need to talk to her mom. She also begged me for money, because she had none due to Kim’s “special program” she was on. This is the kind of person Kim had pushed her to. I had no money and she had signed us up for a large rent that we were going to have to shoulder on our own.

When I returned to the COL home, I checked in with TYK as I was supposed to, she continued me on this same program until approximately January 10th, when she ceremoniously gave me my job back. Though I wasn’t given a paycheck for more than a month. I promised TYK I was back for good and that I couldn’t go through this again and that I had learned my lesson.

January 11, 2003 – my son called me late in the afternoon to let me know that their son, (my grandson) was born. I called TYK to get permission to drive to see the baby. She allowed me to go only with the instructor as an escort. No one in my family except for my son had ever met him, so it was a very awkward situation to suddenly appear as if I had a boyfriend or something. I was instructed that I could not touch or hold the baby. My son recognized my awkward behavior stemming from TYK and ignored it. Our visit was very short. I never saw my grandson again until I moved out in late March, once and for good….(Part 3 to share that last leg of my journey out of COL).

I didn’t care that she was there. The only reason I even allowed Mark Amador in there with her is that I knew I wanted her to see her grandchild.

TYK can deny and deny that she interferes with her student’s family lives, but you judge for yourself. None of this is made up…I wish it was.

The only reason I’m sharing these experiences is for the awareness of others and to substantiate what others have wondered about and to hopefully thwart any of this repeating itself in the future.

This week we learned that my nephew, who hasn’t even reached his 26th birthday was diagnosed with Lymphoma and will immediately be undergoing 6 months of chemo treatments. I’m telling this not for sympathy, but just to remember that when we’re discussing all of these very serious things that have happened to us, to keep focused on what is important.

The ticket to life has a limit on it…don’t waste what you have left on your ticket.

My mom wrote this in 2007, my 28 year old cousin passed away in 2009. He is missed. 

My mother wasn’t out at this point yet. Part 3 soon.


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