The reality of not living with mom

Have you ever been woken up with a glass of water tossed on your face? I have. Many a time.

At first it sounded a little nice having some separation from mom? Right? No one to tell you what to do; no one to give you a bed time. In a lot of ways it was cool. I put myself to bed, like an adult; I shopped for myself at the grocery store; I got myself to school.

It’s not all fun though.

One of the other so-called “young warriors” (who is still there, and should be about 23 years old by now) was about 6. He lived with us; What do they like to do? Cry!

Looking back, this kid was abused! They would drag him around the house when he fell asleep in the wrong place. They would put him in a cold shower when he would cry for his mom. You don’t have to hit someone for it to be abuse! Children don’t typically get yelled asleep.

Others have posted on Bullshido about being 9 and 7 year olds and being forced to drink wine and smoke a cigarette. Just because an older boy did it, doesn’t mean you have to make the whole group? Child abuse! Kim would talk about it like it was funny, and flaunt it… As if warning me, that if I did something bad we would all have to face the punishment.

I will tell you what. The “young warrior” she was targeting? He was just going to be the way he was going to be. He offered all of us smokes, drinks, drugs and porn.  It’s just the way he was… She didn’t have to make all of the kids do it.  We chose not to on our own! It didn’t make him stop!

Sorry for the aside, but I ran into this thought, and found it pertinent to the conversation.

The men in COL2 just didn’t know how to deal with kids. Most of them were great, but a few of them weren’t. One I really ran through the ringer.  I teased him a lot. I feel bad now, but he assaulted me. Slammed me so hard against a wall that my pager went through the wall. Remember the hole in the wall near the laundry room? That was from Mark (not Amador) assaulting me! My head slammed into the wall and everything!

We all frequently would get woken up by either water to the face and blanket, or yelling. A few COL members were more tender, but few had patience for the 6 year old.

COL3 was an entirely different, quieter place. They did have a teen and a younger girl living there. However as most of us know, women are a little better with children.

I enjoyed most of my time in COL, but the abuse I suffered affects me now! It’s pretty hard to let that go.


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