Eery similarities

In this article they outline that the use of a cell phone in North Korea is to be considered a “war crime” during North Korea’s length period of mourning their late leader “Kim Jong il”

I am going to draw a comparison here. Everything I have read about North Korea, and their exclusionary laws makes me think of being in COL. I am curious when COL’s dear leader eventually passes, what will happen, perhaps something similar.

I helped my mother get out of COL in November 2002. Unfortunately she went back two weeks later, due to her having a significant session of conditioning (or brain washing) with Tae Yun Kim right before she left. She was set up to be suspicious of me. Depsite my mother not trusting Kim at all she ended up back in there.

Once she got back she was on a “special program” which basically consisted of her eating very little if anything at all, in complete seclusion for around one month.  The one exception to this was being allowed to come to her family christmas, where she was not allowed to touch or hug anyone.

You might ask “why would a full grown adult listen to this”…  Because of the influence Kim had ground in to my mother.

We eventually got her out once and for all in late march 2003. More on this later.


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