Hello Ma’am

COL tended to be a rather formal affair. No first names, only Mr. Smith, Mr. Fell, Mr. Salton, Ms. Kim… Except for Tae Yun, who we called simply “Grandmaster”. This can be observed in the Inside Edition video.

Upon entering any COL building we were expected to do the following:

  1. Walk across threshold with your right foot first.
  2. Take a deep bow, to show respect to Kim, who “provided” us such a wonderful home.
  3. Announce “Hello ma’am it’s XXXX” to announce yourself to Kim’s spirit?  I was never really clear on this one.  I think it was just to let everyone know you were there so that if they were going through your stuff, they knew to skiddadle!
  4. Quietly recite the lord’s prayer to one’s self.

It was a complex affair entering a building.  I even got in trouble a couple of times because I was accused of not actually reciting the prayer, and just skipping it. I have never been a christian, so this was awkward to me. I always felt as though all underlying Christianity in COL was only meant as a surrogate for what “Grandmaster went through for us”.

All of these things, from stepping through the door, to announcing ourselves was purely part of our conditioning; To make our will to live purely reliant on Kim.


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