Breaking the parental bond

Some of my friends parents are still in COL; I was in with my mother; It makes your relationship complicated. My mother and I’s relationship has been better over the past few years but is forever fractured by some of the rules of engagement Tae Yun Kim placed between us during our COL training.

My mother and I initially thought that everything would be normal, save one element, that my room would be across the street. We ate dinner together, and she gave me a hug and kiss before bedtime and I would walk across the street, shoot the shit with the guys,  and go to bed. That is what was “sold” to us by Michael Fell.  Everything would be normal, we just had this “opportunity” for each of us to grow and expand interpersonally. It was sold as an incubator of amazing humans, but in reality is more akin to the dark reality of the movie “Matrix,” with everyone plugged into the system working for the bettering of someone else.

But unfortunately COL members were conditioned to rat on EVERYTHING they disagreed with or felt was unfair. COL3 (women’s house members) thought that this treatment was unfair to the other kid’s who didn’t get as much attention. They felt I was being “smothered” by spending time with my mother. So within our first couple of months we had a COL class about this topic. In it my mother and I got our first healthy dose of COL reality. No more hugs and kisses from my mom publicly; No more eating dinner with her a couple of nights a week. They even took away getting rides to school, we had to all take the bus. Of course I took blame from the other kids for this. I apparently was too “attached” as was my mom… Well ya, I was 12.

This was the first planting of the separatist seeds between my mother and I. In 1996 I finally got my way and got a summer job with Lighthouse. I however figured I’d be compensated, but of course that would have been illegal since I was only 13. So instead I worked for free building systems at Lighthouse for the install/service department along with one of the other kids my age, aforementioned Patrick. We woke up all summer around 7, showered at Jung SuWon, went to work building computers that were to be shipped to customers. Went to Jung SuWon class around 6, and repeated, doing the same thing the following day, all summer.

This was actually my second job at Lighthouse. My first one was working in the QA and engineering department. One of the female instructors really took me under her wing there. She understood how to foster me into being something more, an engineer. However Kim thought I would be better suited working with Mark Amador in the IT Department. He deferred me off to another Lighthouse/COL person Clark, and thats how I ended up building computers. He treated us well, and taught us work ethic.

I got my own cubicle in Lighthouse a few months prior, I was in heaven, surrounded by computers. I of course continued to have my nemesis Mark Amador, who continued to deny me access to the company network, allowing me to print. Every other COL kid had an account but me. I am only bringing up this treatment by him to further highlight future events, which will be covered later.

My mother also worked in the service department during this time. In effort to get us apart even further she was sent to Korea for several months that summer and fall. Not for traditional martial art training, but to install the systems I had built into the cleanrooms I had configured them to monitor. (Lighthouse makes cleanroom monitoring equipment)

My mom was basically on the road for the entire remainder of me being in COL. This was a difficult reality. Luckily a responsible individual, Michael took responsibility for me while she was gone. He was good to me, and was responsible. I am grateful and appreciative for his attention to this day. Thank you.

But the reality remained that we were systematically pulled apart. Every decision by Kim and the other leaders of COL were measured to make sure that our relationship wasn’t strong enough to talk her off track from their greater “purpose” of “spreading Grandmaster’s light.”

I think that’s the end for now.


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