My first COL Thanksgiving

In my last post I spoke about the Holidays. In interest of staying on task and in timeline I wanted to fill in some details about my first holiday at COL2 (the men’s house).

November 1995

At my Grandparent’s on Thanksgiving Day we were summoned away by our alphanumeric pagers. The page read something akin to “Grandmaster requests all COL2 members present at COL1.” I didn’t really know what this meant. I figured it had to be good.  Since it was within my first few months of being a member, I had yet to experience a negative “class” with Tae Yun Kim. Everything had been happy go lucky, reading the bible, (her equating things in it to her), chanting, swimming, eating, etc.  It didn’t get this good again until 1998! But we will talk about that, later.

I arrived at COL1 after climbing her steep driveway that lead up to her home at 700 Vista Cerro Terrace in Fremont.  The gate reading “GM” as you entered.

I made my way up, apprehensively knocked on the front door. I believe a senior female student answered and asked me to sit in the ante room.

Before I tell you this, I wanted to remind you that I was 12 years old. I wasn’t looking at porn yet. I barely knew what was going on.

Tae Yun Kim had me sit in front of her, and she showed me some laser-jetted black and white presumably  buxom bleach blonde lady in the nude. She then held it in front of my face for several minutes while she accused me of printing it at her company Lighthouse. “But Ma’am I don’t even have printer access, Mr. Amador won’t give me an account” Yes, I used every chance I could get to further my existence with the computer at Lighthouse, even in this situation. 

As the barrage of questioning ended another student knocked on the front door, entered, bowed and bellowed “Hello ma’am it’s (insert name)”. (more on this later)

I had just been basically shown that we can access smut from the computers at Lighthouse. Haha!  I was ruined.

So that was my first thanksgiving in COL. Turkey and smut.


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